MacKay Kennels Trained Rottweiler Puppies

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Professionally Trained Rottweiler Puppies

We are happy to offer Professional Training for all our Rottweiler puppies! Our trainer believes (as we do) that there are three very important keys to a well-rounded Rottweiler.

  1. Overall Temperament
  2. Socialization
  3. Training

Our first concern in our breeding program is Temperament. We strive to produce dogs that will fit into any family situation, will be kind, gentle, and easily trained, as well as having enough heart to protect their family and friends.

After producing a puppy that fits this description, it is key to provide Socialization, beginning at an early age! It is our belief that even a Rottweiler with sound genetics will come to dislike strangers if not properly socialized.

Another key to round out good temperament and socialization is Training. Even a friendly, outgoing Rottweiler can be both intimidating and potentially hazardous if it knocks down and tramples people, especially children and the elderly.

We highly recommend continued training and socialization as part of your puppy's lifestyle, whether you obtain training through us or another source. Beginning in 2007, however, continued training and socialization will be mandatory, and included in our contract.

Puppy Obedience Training

The Professionally Trained Puppy will receive age-appropriate positive re-inforcement training and will be socialized with other dogs as well as with children and adults. Puppy training at this age is done with a flat collar, and not a choke. You can expect these puppies to know the basics of "sit", "down", "heel", "here", "fooey, leave it", and "kennel". The "heel" command in Puppy Obedience training is a loose heel, meaning your puppy will walk well on a leash without pulling. You will need to continue working with these puppies to complete their training and socialization.

Please read the contract for full details.

Basic Obedience Training

We combine Basic and Advanced Obedience. The Basic Obedience trained puppy will continue with extended versions of the Puppy Obedience Training, plus learn the sit/stay, down/stay, will heel on the lead next to you, and will sit when you stop. You can also expect the puppy to respond to "here" when off-lead. As an additional note, when our puppies are worked off-lead they do not leave the yard. They are trained in a free atmosphere, meaning the our yard is not fenced. Dogs trained in an enclosed/fenced area can recognize a "free" area, and when off-lead may take advantage of their new-found freedom. Dogs trained off-lead in a free environment tend to listen better when off-lead.

Price for one of our Basic Obedience Trained puppies is the price of a Puppy Obedience Trained puppy plus $600.


Training requires an additional deposit/payment in advance of training. Price of training is non-transferable and non-refundable.