MacKay Kennels Trained Rottweiler Puppies

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Pictures We've Received from Some of our Puppies and the Owners Who Love Them


Abbey enjoys playing in the pool with her new owner!


Storm at 11 months (above and below). Storm joined the night class at Elite K-9 Training on Elm Road (State Route 5) in Cortland, Ohio.

Storm at 6 months (above & below). Stormy's new home is down the road and around the corner, close enough for visitation. YAY!

Storm and his new owner Debi came to search and rescue practice at the county fair grounds for some continuing education and socialization with strangers and other dogs. Storm loves everyone!

Siren & Danica

Siren, left, and Danica on the right, caught me trying to sneak a picture of them playing in the snow. They're 8 months old in this picture.

rottweiler puppies trimming a pine tree

Danica and Siren trim the pine tree after a heavy Ohio snow. They're about 9½ months of age in this picture.