MacKay Kennels Trained Rottweiler Puppies

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Puppy prices will generally begin at $900, plus applicable sales tax for puppies picked up or delivered within the state of Ohio. Our prices are set in USD (United States Dollars).


I will accept a $300 non-refundable deposit on a puppy if you would like it held.

I will not refund deposits under any circumstances, and I will not move the deposit to another litter if (1) I have held the puppy longer than 2 weeks, and (2) until I have sold the puppy I have held for you to another buyer.

I expect deposits made by PayPal to arrive within 24 hours, and deposits made by mail to arrive within 3 days. I will not hold a puppy for you if you are not willing to put down a deposit. If you want to see the puppy/puppies in person first, I advise you to come to visit at your earliest convenience! Please note: Handling of the puppies by persons outside the family will not begin until puppies are 6 weeks of age.

As an additional note, once puppies have reached 10 weeks of age I will not hold them longer than 14 days unless 1) a prior agreement is made in writing specifying the date the puppy is to be picked up, or 2) the puppy is currently in training, with an estimated finishing date.

Training beyond the included Puppy Obedience training requires an additional deposit/payment in advance of training. Price of training is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Final Payment

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I accept cash, personal check, and PayPal as forms of payment. Cash or PayPal (from your paypal account, not from an e-check) is preferred.

I do not accept checks at the time of pick up! You may pay by check in advance, as long as there is sufficient time for the check to clear the bank, usually 4-10 days. Please bring cash if you have not made payment in full. If you would like to use PayPal, please do so in advance!

Final payment must be made before the puppy leaves the premises. NO exceptions!


I will normally ship puppies anywhere in the United States, and to any country which does not require quarrantine. Puppies need to go home to their family, not to a cold & impersonal holding facility.

An alternative to driving in to pick up your new puppy is to have us deliver the puppy. Delivery will be according to availability (most likely week-end), and cost will vary by distance. We will travel as far as a twelve hour drive (possibly further if I can convince my husband ;) in any direction from NE Ohio.

We have also had a k9 delivery service recommended to us, so we can also use this service where available.

Of course, payment must be made in full before the puppy is shipped or delivered.

Wondering if the weather will allow your puppy to be shipped?

Most airlines will ship your rottweiler puppy if the temperature is above 20 and below 85. You can easily check your local forecast by typing in your zip code and pressing the " GO! " button. Temperatures must be within the acceptable range at both ends of the flight.