MacKay Kennels Trained Rottweiler Puppies

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MacKay Kennels' AKC Registered Rottweiler Puppy Contract

Contract must be read and signed before you can acquire a Rottweiler puppy from MacKay Kennels!

Please fill out the Buyer Name, Address, and Phone Number exactly as you would have them appear on your AKC Registration, Guarantee, and Microchip information papers, as this is the information I will be using to register your puppy!

Buyer Name     _________________________________

Buyer Address _________________________________


Buyer Phone Number ____________________________

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Puppy Information

The puppy is a result of the planned breeding of:

Sire: _______________________________


Dam: _______________________________

Sex of agreed upon puppy: _____________

Whelp Date: _________________________

AKC Litter # : ________________________

Microchip # : _________________________

Agreed Upon Price*: ___________________   *Agreed upon price does not include shipping.

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General Terms

Your initials/signature indicate/s that Seller has explained each condition to you and that you fully understand.

All dollar amounts contained in this contract are in USD (United States Dollars).

The Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee

___ The puppy listed above, from MacKay Kennels, comes with a Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee. Buyer will need to sign and date the separate Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee in addition to this Purchase Contract.

___ The Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee may include separate stipulations, in addition to those stated in this contract, which can affect the Guarantee.

Naming the Puppy

___ The name given to the puppy on his/her AKC Registration papers MUST include the MacKay kennel name.

___ Failure to register the puppy by nine months of age and/or failure to include the MacKay kennel name in the AKC registered name of the puppy will void the Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee.

___ Examples of suitable placement of the MacKay kennel name include:
       Barbi's Gabriella MacKay
       Always MacKay V Madden
       MacKay's Beautiful Promise.

Veterinary, Vaccinations, and Check Ups

___ Buyer understands that the puppy MUST see a licensed veterinarian within twenty-four (24) hours of the time they take possession of the puppy. If the puppy has a congenital defect that the Seller's veterinarian has missed, the Buyer must notify the Seller immediately (within 24 hours of the veterinary visit). Please be sure to set an appointment in advance!

___ Puppies from MacKay Kennels will be vaccinated with one (1) Neopar vaccination at four weeks and one (1) combination puppy shot at six weeks of age. Puppies will also have been de-wormed every two weeks from the time of birth. Vaccinations and de-worming dates may be moved if the breeder deems it necessary for the puppy's health and well being.

___ Too many vaccinations in too short a time can be overwhelming to the puppy's immune system. If Buyer allows thier vet to give additional vaccinations within a two week time period from the time of the last vaccination given by MacKay Kennels, the Buyer will become responsible for any and all adverse reactions. A Google or Yahoo search of the term "vaccinosis" will turn up many results on this unfortunate occurance.

Spay/Neuter Clause

___ Puppies that are purchased for Work (SAR, Schutzhund, Guide Dog, etc), Breeding, and/or Show will not need to be spayed/neutered. All other puppies will receive Limited AKC Registration and must be spayed/neutered by nine (9) months of age. Failure to comply with the Spay/Neuter Policy will be considered a breach of contract and will void your Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee.

___ Puppies must have begun to be shown or must be in serious training for search work or tracking by 8 months of age, and puppies who are acquired for Companion dogs or guide work must have their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) by 8 months of age or Seller will not consider them to be a working/show dog and will consider your puppy to be a pet, which must be spayed/neutered by 9 months of age. This stipulation is to ensure your puppy will receive the training you are stating it will have.

MacKay Kennel's No-Chain Policy

___ Seller requires that you DO NOT chain your puppy/dog. Buyer understands that a chained dog is not only prone to higher anxiety and stress, it will become less socialized than a dog that lives indoors. The outcome is a potential danger for people and pets who come within reach.

___ Buyer understands that another danger that needs to be considered is entanglement. A chain that is wrapped even once around a childs neck (or an adult, another animal, etc) can easily result in severe injury or death.

The Microchip

___ Every MacKay Kennels puppy will be microchipped. No exceptions!

___ Puppies are microchipped for the purpose of identification for both the Buyer and the Seller. Seller will provide information to Law Enforcement when/if it is deemed necessary by the Seller. Necessary reasons include, but are not limited to, use of dog/puppy in/for illegal activities, and search for the owner when dog has been abandoned or lost. In case of missing microchips, Seller will provide the AKC and/or law enforcement access to DNA tests.

Proper Care

___ Buyer will provide adequate food, water, and shelter, as well as love, proper veterinary care, socialization, and training for the puppy.

___ Buyer understands they are solely responsible for the puppy/dog's actions once the puppy leaves the hands/care of the Seller, and that the Seller reserves the right to euthanize (put to sleep) surrendered dogs that are considered by herself to be dangerous or are unable to be rehabilitated.

___ Buyer understands fully that if the puppy/dog is surrendered, either willingly or by legal means, there will be NO refund, retribution, or financial reimbursement paid to the Buyer by the Seller.

Deposit and Payment

PLEASE PAY IN ADVANCE OR BRING CASH. Seller DOES NOT accept checks, money orders, or any other type of payment at the time of pick-up!

___ Buyer understands the minimum deposit amount of $300 is non-refundable, and it is at the option of the Seller to move the deposit to another puppy or litter. Deposit amounts greater than the initial $300 will be refunded to the buyer after the cancellation of the purchase. eg: If Buyer places a $400 deposit on a puppy and must cancel the transaction, only $100 will be refunded to the Buyer, as $300 is the non-refundable amount.

___ Buyer's deposit will hold a puppy receiving Puppy Obedience Training up to two weeks (14 days) past the finish date of training. The same two week period is granted for puppies receiving Advanced, Show, or Search and Rescue Training. Once the allotted two weeks time elapses, the Buyer will need to pay a non-refundable kenneling fee, each week in advance, of $50 per week of extended stay. If the Seller sees a need to cancel the transaction due to non-payment, the puppy will remain the property of Barb Darbey/MacKay Kennels.

___ Seller may, at her discretion, in case of questionable circumstances or buyer ethics, cancel the purchase at any time prior to the Buyer taking possession of the puppy. At this time, all monies paid, usually with the exception of the deposit, will be refunded to the Buyer.

___ Buyer understands all monies paid toward Basic, Advanced, Show, and/or Search & Rescue training are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

___ The puppy and shipping/delivery charges (if required), MUST be paid in full and payment MUST have cleared the Seller's bank at least twenty-four hours BEFORE the puppy will leave the Seller's premesis, be shipped, or be delivered. Please plan for a seven to ten day clearing time for ALL checks and/or money orders!

Provisions for Training

___ Buyer agrees to continue, keep up on, and/or advance, the foundational training the puppy has received prior to placement in the Buyer's home. If the Buyer chooses to take the puppy before training has begun, said Buyer agrees to begin Obedience training by twelve weeks of age.

___ Buyer understands that, in order for the puppy to receive Puppy Obedience Training, it cannot be picked up before 12 weeks of age.

___ Buyer agrees that any Protection and/or Schutzhund type training will be done by a trained professional.

___ Buyer understands that Rottweilers who are untrained and unsocialized often become a danger to people and other animals.

- - - - ~~~ · ~~~ · ~~~ · ~~~ · ~~~ - - - -

I, ______________________ , as listed in the Buyer information on page one of this contract, agree to the price and terms listed in the preceding contract. I further agree that this will be a legally binding contract between myself, the Buyer, and Barb Darbey/MacKay Kennels, the Seller. I also agree and fully understand that failure to comply with the terms contained in this contract will be a breach of contract and could void the Puppy/Hip & Health Guarantee as well as cause myself, the Buyer, to surrender the puppy back to Barb Darbey/MacKay Kennels, the Seller.

Buyer's Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________

Seller's Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________

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