Before You Get a New Dog or Puppy

Posted on October 17, 2011 by Barb

Questions you should ask yourself, and answer honestly, before you consider acquiring a dog or puppy.

Do I understand the breed mentality?
Certain breeds, such as the Rottweiler, originated as working dogs. Many of these dogs still maintain a high degree of working mentality. What does this mean for you? For starters, you can expect a puppy from the Working Group to have drive and determination. These dogs are generally large and require a strong-willed owner, in addition to time that must be taken to ensure they are properly trained and socialized.

Will I honestly have time to raise this puppy properly?
Raising your new puppy correctly may take more time than you plan to spend. Essentials to consider are house training, obedience training, and proper socialization.

Will I have time to keep up on my new puppy's training?
Your new puppy will require more than just house training. You will need to keep up on his/her training on a daily basis. Five to fifteen minute sessions are all that are generally required for upkeep, and consistancy is key! Remember that your puppy may come to you with Puppy Obedience training, but further training, socialization, and up-keep are entirely up to you!

Will I have time for proper socialization?
Your new puppy will require frequent socialization, especially if you plan to keep an intact male. Plan to take your puppy on outings where he/she will come in contact with other (safe) animals, friends, relatives, and strangers at least three times a week, and in different settings.

Dog parks, pet shops, and even Tractor Supply can be a real blessing for socialization. Your puppy will come in contact with other dogs and puppies, as well as a variety of people.

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