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The "Who, What, Where, Why, and When" of Our Dogs' BARF Diet

Article Date: June 9, 2008
Our dogs' diet has evolved since the last article to include occasional table scraps and some Taste of the Wild (High Prairie) dry dog food. Our decision to include this grain-free dog food was based on ease of preparation as well as needing something that travels well into the field, should we need to stay over night with one of our dogs.

You can purchase any of the three varieties of Taste of the Wild (High Prairie, Pacific Stream, and Wetlands) from MacKay Kennels. We usually have a few extra bags of each variety in stock in 30# bags.

I can special order smaller bags (5# or 15#), as well as Nature's Variety Raw frozen or freeze dried. Please contact me for further information.

Original Article Date: April 2007
We have recently switched over to a raw diet for our Rottweilers. At this point in time, I think part of the "why" is obvious (another round of tainted dog food). The other part was another reminder from God that the dogs need switched to a raw diet. After losing Justice to the last tainted dog food epidemic in 2005, it didn't take long to convince me to make the switch.

Destiny made the first switch to a home-made diet in 2005 when she had un-explained bloody diarrhea. A stool check confirmed a lack of cocci or parasites. Luckily, I ran out of dog food the very same day and cooked the house dogs' breakfast and dinner. When she returned to dog food the next day, the symptoms re-appeared and the dog food diet disappeared.

raw, or BARF, diet for dogs

Some raw foods found in our Rottweiler's raw (or BARF) diet. Thier actual diet contains a much wider variety than shown here.

Since I mistook it for a food allergy or dog food intolerance of some sort, the other house dogs continued to eat the dog food. They still seem to have been unaffected, although you cannot tell what damage has been done internally. I believe, by the grace of God, only two of our seven dogs were affected. Unfortunately, Justice was not as lucky as Destiny. His only symptoms were to eat picky for a day or two, and sudden death, the other symptom of aflatoxin poisoning. It wasn't until about a month after his death the dog food company confessed to poisoning dogs. A quick check of the dog food bags confirmed a tainted batch. We had purchased an entire skid, and the remaining bags were also from the same batch.

The raw diet can seem overwhelming at first, which is why we didn't immediately switch. A proverbial "seed" was planted, though, and I began to search the web for information on raw/natural diets, and more specifically, the barf diet.

My search terms eventually transformed to "barf diet+rottweilers" and I happily found a few rotty breeders who feed barf and share thier basic diets on thier web sites. Thier diets are similar, and the only major difference is whether or not they feed oatmeal, and if/what supplements they use. I cannot recall any who feed grains other than oatmeal, and all grains are seen as un-necessary in a dog's diet.

I am not going to post my diet yet, as I am in no way an expert on the barf diet. I can tell you, however, coats have never been glossier, and eyes have never been clearer! Even the premium dog foods I've fed (which produced a nice glossy coat) didn't give these results.

My recommendation is to search for barf/raw food information and tailor a raw diet to your dogs' needs. A quick Google/Yahoo search for "barf diet+rottweilers" or "raw diet+rottweilers" will turn up links to many sites. I recommend the links to Rottweiler breeders who feed this kind of diet. Most have fed a raw/barf diet for many years with great results!