Summer Training Schedule

Posted on July 18, 2012 by Barb

Just a quick note to let everyone know, my schedule is very full right now and I will return to training puppies late summer/early fall!

What's New at MacKay Kennels

Posted on October 14, 2011 by Barb

First, What's Changed
We have changed our focus from producing world class Rottweiler puppies to training them. We believe that through training and education, both the dog and the owners will lead happier, more stress-free lives.

What's the Same
You can still get some of the best Rottweiler puppies in the world through MacKay Kennels! Just visit our "Available Puppies" page to see what's available from the breeders we train for.

Space is limited so that each puppy receives proper attention. If you are planning to get a puppy and would like him/her to begin training asap, please contact me soon to make arrangements!

Rottweiler Puppy Obedience Training

Posted on October 14, 2011 by Barb                                       Updated January 22, 2012

rottweiler puppy in training

I am currently training puppies for Barclay Farms Rottweiler Central and Blackstone Rottweilers. Training for puppies from other Rottweiler breeders is available as well.

This Puppy Obedience Training includes Sit, Down, Heel, Here, and Stay. Additional commands I will start the puppy on include Kennel, Leave It/No, and, if necessary, Off (get off the furniture, or when jumping up on people, which I do not allow).

In addition to the puppy obedience training they receive, puppies who live in my home with me are crate trained and begin house breaking. I also introduce them to the kitties, so they should be cat-friendly when they arrive in their new home. I have noticed that my own Rottweiler puppies, who were introduced to cats early in life, tend not to be cat aggressive later in life.

When training is complete, I will go over the commands and hand signals with you so you and your new Rottweiler puppy are on the same page.

Price for Puppy Obedience Training, which includes board, is $400. This training fee is due 50% down when I take possession of your puppy, and 50% due upon completion of training. Training takes approximately 3 weeks, depending on the age of the puppy.

I will post a training contract soon!

Training Videos

Posted on October 14, 2011 by Author

These are videos of some of the puppies I trained for Barclay Farms Rottweilers in 2010. I'm a little behind in the video department, so there's a definite gap between then and now ;)

rottweiler puppy in training

Video 1: K -Haus, an 11 week old Rottweiler puppy, was trained for Sit, Down, Heel, Here, Kennel, Leave It/No.
Training time: 3 weeks (from 8-11 weeks of age)
Although he knew everything in 2 weeks, it was nice to have him a little longer so the commands would be more concrete. He responded very well both on and off lead, as you can see in the video.

Video 2: Rachael, a 15 wk old Rottweiler puppy, was trained for Sit, Down, Heel, Come/Here, and also picked up on In (go in the house), Leave It/No. Training Time: 2 weeks (from age 13-15 wks)
Actual time to learn the commands: 7 days
Rachel settled right in to her training and was an eager student. Yea Rachael!

Nanette, a 20 week old Rottweiler puppy, showing her 

obedience skills.Video 3: Nanette, a 5 month old Rottweiler puppy, is trained for sit, down, heel, here, stay, kennel, out (drop it/leave it), in (when I open the door to come in the house), come on/let's go (heeling loose lead, or what I call a "satellite" - she's within the 6' leash of you, not pulling).

She is also potty trained and has no accidents in her crate, and she loves the cats. Training Time: 4 weeks (from age 16-20 weeks)

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